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Career Planning for Fresh Graduates

The job market today is more volatile than ever and youngsters need to take decisions of their career wisely as a good career is the outcome of the efforts put at the beginning of a career. Most of the career decisions are taken within a couple of years of passing out from college. Here it is of utmost importance…

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‘right strategy’ remains right only till ‘context’

The strategy of a business remains  ‘right’ only till ‘context’ assumed while formulating the strategy  continues to match with the evolving future  This is an interesting observation by Prof Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School. Some extracts from a recent post –– argue that apparent poor demand for certain products of Apple and Google,…

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Driving Growth: Eight Best Practices

  Driving Growth: Deploy the eight best practices but pay special attention to Rule 5 Here are eight best practices to drive growth – extracted from a recent post – : Don’t ask your customers what they want (because they don’t know until you show them). Woo your biggest fans (because they’re absolutely worth it). Few companies count…

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Strategic Transformation of Leadership Teams

Most companies face problems when the time comes for promoting their top performing senior managers to top leadership positions such as CXO or SBU Heads or even CEO. All of us know that the key to enduring growth is a continuous strategic transformation of top leadership team members who will, in turn, lead the transformation process of rest of the organization….

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Automation is Inevitable & Not to be Resisted

Automation is inevitable and must not be resisted Be sure, it will not replace people who  are capable of leveraging the advancing automation to create Competitive Advantage Geoff Colvin’s new book argues that automation will not replace people as a source of  Competitive Advantage.  Extracts from a recent post – by @harvardbiz – supporting this argument are: ….. an…

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